You don’t need us to tell you just how popular Android games are these days. You’ve probably already got plenty of them on your device right now. Plus, if you’ve been playing them for a while, you’ll have noticed just how they’ve been getting better and better over the years as more and more effort has gone into creating them. Of course, the improvements of Android technology have helped too so they are becoming more and more sophisticated and involving to play.

But there are so many gaming apps out there that it can be hard to pick the very best of them. Luckily, we’ve done some of the searchings for you and can 100% recommend these five great examples.


We couldn’t have a rundown of the very best games for Android without kicking off with, to give the game its full title, Player Unknown Battle Grounds. The fact that it has a whole website devoted to the game is all you need to know about what a phenomenal experience playing PUGB can be.

It’s everything that you’d expect from a high spec PC game but on your mobile with countless battle zones to experience and now even a new zombie mode to enjoy.

The graphics are amazing, especially on the newest generation of devices, and there’s also the chance to scale them back for older ones if you want to experience slightly smoother gameplay. It’s also action-packed and epic in scale so whether you’re playing in solo mode or part of a team it’s certain to deliver all the action and excitement that you could ever want from a game. And, riding on its current popularity, it’s likely to just get better and better.

Graveyard Keeper

Here’s a game for those of you who might have what’s called a dark sense of humour. As the title suggests, it’s your job to keep the graveyard in good order and functioning well. This might sound easy enough, but believe us, there are plenty of challenges you’re going to face along the way. Luckily, there’s a jolly little tune to play along to as you help to dig graves and receive instructions.

There are also plenty of opportunities to express your creativity, for example by popping excess bodies in the nearby river and even going off a poisoning spree in the nearby village when you’re running short of “customers”. While this all might sound super dark and depressing, we promise you it isn’t and there are even adventures that you can go on searching for hidden treasure in the cemetery’s many dungeons.

It’s also a great demonstration of how a complex PC game can be boiled down to an Android version without losing any of the complexity.


There are a number of apps out there at the moment but this is the one that we’d choose both for playability and the range of poker games available. These include Texas Hold’em, Omaha Hi/Lo and 7 Card Stud and you can either play in cash game or tournament mode and there are also a couple of other exciting game varieties too.

The first is Snap poker which is perfect for players who don’t like waiting around. As soon as you fold in any hand you automatically move on to another game – maximizing the number of hands that you’re able to play in a session.

Then there’s the Blast Texas Hold’em that could win you up to 10,000 times the amount of your buy-in. It’s poker against the clock versus three other players – and once you’ve experienced it you’ll agree that it really is a blast.

Plus, with great graphics, simple controls and the backing of one of the biggest poker sites out there, this is a winner in every way.

Chameleon Run

If you want a slightly simpler way to while away some time, then Chameleon Run from Noodlecake Games could be a perfect choice. We say simple but it’s also quite challenging as you try to run and jump across colored platforms, but you’re only allowed to land on platforms that are the same color as you.

Chameleon Run

Yes, you can change your color as you run but doing this in practice is quite a bit trickier than you might imagine.

It’s a game that not only looks good with its clean and clear graphics, the way the controls work is very satisfying in play. As well as the race itself, there are also specific challenges to be completed at each level so there’s plenty to enjoy in repeatedly playing the game, and the frenetic soundtrack only adds to the fun.

Pokémon Go

We started with a big favorite in PUBG and we’re going to end with one too. Who can forget the massive impression this game made when it landed in 2016? But as time went on player numbers started to drop off. In response to this, Nintendo has been making great efforts to add new features to attract new players and reactivate old ones.

Pokémon Go

So now you can take part in the player v player battles that had been anticipated for so long. Plus there are plenty of in-game events being introduced like one recently which involved Team Rocket Grunts appearing and challenging players to take on their Shadow Pokémon. It all just adds to the fun and reminds us exactly why this mold-breaking game made such a huge impression in the first place.