This is no surprise that the Samsung Galaxy Fold is being revered as the beginning of a new era in the smartphone and mobile display industry. After all, this is a part of the future that sci-fi movies promised us.

Since it is a completely new device and the implementation of foldable displays is new as well, many people don’t know much about the smartphone. Also, the usage of a foldable display comes with a number of design and technical questions that never have been an issue with traditional displays.

For instance, how does the autorotation work? How should the apps switch screens when the device is folded or unfolded? How does the camera work? Where will the fingerprint scanner go?

While it may take some time for the public to adopt the device and learn answers to these questions, we have conducted extensive tests on the Samsung Galaxy Fold we received and have found some great and clever features that Samsung has placed in the Fold to make our experience truly a unique one. Let’s not waste any more time and dive into it!

Fingerprint Scanner

The capacitive fingerprint scanner is placed on the side of the Galaxy Fold and it activates Bixby when pressed. It made a lot of sense during our tests because we always tried to open the device with one hand.

With this placement, the smartphone was unlocked almost every time when we attempted to unfold the phone and we didn’t have to find the scanner and scan our fingerprint after unfolding.

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The external Screen is Inactive when Unfolded

When the Samsung Galaxy Fold is unfolded, the external display is completely inactive and won’t work at all.

This way, the applications aren’t confused about which screen to go and your fingers won’t be able to interact or activate anything from the external display while you are using the device unfolded.


When unfolded, the two sides of the device are tightly held together by magnets that are much more powerful than what you would find usually in other electronic devices.

What better way of finding a needle in a haystack than using a $2,000 foldable smartphone? On a more serious note, we are highly doubtful that these magnets will cause any damage to the device by attracting metal objects nearby.

Reverse Wireless Charging

Although the company doesn’t use it as its unique selling point, the Samsung Galaxy Fold is capable of reverse wireless charging along with regular wireless charging.

We have often expressed that reverse charging is a very useful feature and we loved the Fold for being capable of just that.

Calling and Unfolding

The best part about the Galaxy Fold is the intuition. When you activate a call while the device is folded and then proceed to unfold the device, the call will automatically go into speaker mode so that you don’t miss a word from the other side and can also continue doing what you wanted to do after unfolding the phone. It gives the smartphone a personal touch and was a very handy feature during our tests.

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