Security is one of the most necessary features to protect our smartphone devices from unauthorized persons. The security will not allow them to use your Android mobile. Also, nowadays, all devices come with one or more built-in security features.

More than that, some sources offer you cool android apps to securely protect the phone. For the stable security of your device, here we will also discuss an app, 360 Security. This app also offers you a lot of features.

With the security, there is also one thing that may affect the phone: the attack of the virus. So, time-to-time scanning of all the installed apps is also necessary, and it’s a healthy decision for the phone. After using the app for a long time, the cached data of that app also affect its performance of it.

So, it is also an important thing that you must take care of for the long life of the phone. And this 360 Security Android app will take care of all these things with excellently.

So, to keep your device secure and save it from issues, look at the discussion below.

360 Security for Android Smartphones:

The 360 Security is an antivirus app that will optimize your device in an effective way. It is the app that will keep the device safe and secure. It will take care of all the things that increase the performance of the mobile.

Any Android user can readily download this app from the Google Play Store. The 360 Security Android app is available here free of cost. Due to the high compatibility, this app works significantly with all Android devices. Also of that, this app comes with lots of functions and features.

As we discussed ago, the 360 Security app has many features. So, first of all, we would like to share those amazing features with you.

1.) Boost:

Using this app’s Boost option, you can quickly optimize your Android phone. It also shows you how many of percentage your device is optimized.

To use this feature, after opening the app, on the next display, just tap on the rocket. It will start the boosting process. After a while, it will put your device in optimal condition.

360 Security App 1

Due to the boosting process, your battery timing will also be extended up to a certain time. It also shows you how much time your battery is extended. Once the device enters the optimal situation, it also shows you that status.

2.) Clean:

To jump on this feature, swipe the display from the right to the left from the Boost option. The Clean option is a feature by which you can quickly scan your device to kill junk files.

The display of this feature, shows you how much size of junk files are on the device. Just tap on the scan button to get rid of these unwanted files.

360 Security App 2

Then, this feature will start the scanning process of the device. It also takes a little bit. After the process is completed, it shows you how many junk files exist in the device.

The next display also lists those installed apps containing the junk files detected by this app. If you want to clean these junk files, then tap on the option of Clean. It will quickly clean up this unwanted space and allow the device to better performance.

3.) Antivirus:

This feature will help you to find the malware of all the installed apps on your mobile. Now, to find the malware, just tap on the Scan at the midpoint of the display.

It will start the process of finding the particular malware from all the installed apps. Then, it also shows you how much of issues are associated with the device from which apps.

360 Security App 3

Then, it also shows you how much of issues are associated with the device from which apps. If you want to repair all these issues, then you can do it with the Repair All option. So, by doing so, you can quickly find and repair the issues that occur with your Android phone.

Also, with these basic features, the 360 Security Android app contains some other useful features you can find from the setting option.

Other Features:

1.) App Lock: As the name suggests, you can lock the installed apps by using this feature. To do so, just tap on the option of App Lock. Select the apps that you want to lock on your device.

360 Security App 4

Confirm the pattern lock for easy access. Now, all the time, you have to enter that pattern to open and use the apps.

2.) Full Scan: The Full Scan feature will provide a facility for scanning the entire smart device. It will also find the malware of the installed apps. You will also be able to get rid of the issues by repairing them.

3.) Phone Cooler: The Phone Cooler option will help the device to get cooled. Whenever the mobile is used consistently, the device gets overheated. Also, some apps play a major role in overheating the mobile. So, the Phone Cooler feature is used to overcome this issue.

4.) Game Boost: Game Boost is one of the most promising features of the 360 Security app. It will allow you to take joy in playing games without any interruption. It will boost any of the games up to 30%. To enjoy of games in boost mode, just go to Game Boost and select the game.

5.) Call And SMS Filter: It will help you to add the numbers to the blacklist. You can add the numbers that you want to block on your mobile. By using this feature, you will get rid of spammers and telemarketer calls.


We have tried this app for a few days and came to the conclusion that the phone cooler option does not work properly. Maybe it is just for a convincing user to cool down the phone, but it does not do that. The app lock feature and call blocker feature works fine.

Nowadays, most of apps try to be all in one, including all features. But instead of that, we think they should only concentrate on what they can do best.

Check out this 360 Security app for an Android smartphone from below. If you are already using this, share your feedback with us.

Please let us know your favorite security and antivirus app in the comment section below.

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