3 of the Best Apps for Small Business-Owners

The business world is constantly expanding, with a rising number of SMEs operating throughout the UK. As of 2016, there were an estimated 5.4 small and medium-sized businesses active in Britain, and this accounts for more than 99% of all corporations in the country.3 of the Best Apps for Small Business-Owners

These businesses are increasingly driven by technology, with mobile applications playing an influential role in enabling firms to improve their efficiency. A growing number of these apps are available through the Google Play Store, as this platform continues to compete aggressively with iOS.

A Look at 3 of the Best Android Apps for Business Users

With the range of Android apps continuing to diversify and the demand for these productivity tools soaring, the only question that remains is which options offer the most value? Here are three of the most purposeful:

Google Drive

Google Drive is one of the most popular and in-demand apps available on Android, while it also has the added benefit of being downloadable for free. So, while there remain a large number of cloud-storage options available through this one offers the most value to business users.

Through this app, you can seamless store electronic files online, while creating an automatic and ensuring that they are accessible from any Android device. These files can also be shared in real-time, while Google Drive is integrated with QuickOffice (which provides even greater functionality and access to a wider range of features).

This also means that you can edit documents in QuickOffice and automatically back them up to Google Drive, creating additional security and convenience.


If you are a small business owner, your venture can benefit enormously from the QuickBooks app and the service that it provides. This is one of the many financial apps that can help users to make and save money in a challenging macroeconomic climate, whether you are looking to manage and organize your wealth or successfully trade the financial markets (think of the ETX Capital tool, for example).

In simple terms, QuickBooks is a solid and comprehensive accounting tool that seamlessly tracks your finances, making the management of invoices and repayments effortless (and largely automated). While the Android version is not fully-optimised, it is an effective companion application that includes purposeful tools for tracking sales, sending invoices and even compartmentalizing individual payments.

Above all else, you can use this app for free through a 30-day trial, before determining whether or not you wish to proceed and make a nominal payment.


Finally, we come to AirDroid, which is arguably one of the most innovative and useful Android apps for business-owners.

This app has a relatively simple premise, which can be installed on your smartphone and desktop to allow for the seamless sharing of texts, emails and call logs. So, rather than having to constantly flit between devices to check messages from clients, you can review this data on a larger screen without having to divert your main focus.

This app also enables you to quickly add or remove electronic files from your handset’s internal storage, which can enhance the performance and battery life of your smartphone over time.

Last Updated On: July 11, 2017

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