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3 of the Best Apps for Small Business-Owners

3 of the Best Apps for Small Business-Owners

The business world is constantly expanding, with a rising number of SMEs operating throughout the UK. As of 2016, there were an estimated 5.4 small and medium-sized businesses active in Britain, and this accounts for more than 99% of all corporations in the country. These businesses are increasingly driven by technology, with mobile applications playing an influential role in enabling firms to improve their efficiency. A growing number of these apps are available through the Google Play Store, as this …

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How to Reset iPhone Without Apple ID

How to Reset iPhone without apple ID

In this article, we have mentioned about how to reset Apple iPhone without Passcode or how to delete the Apple ID without the passcode. In this post, we have mentioned two methods to reset iPhone without Apple ID or Passcode. In the first method, you can also restore or reset the iPhone without any problem; Just you have to update the firmware of the iPhone by using the “iTunes” on your computer. With the first method, you can restore your …

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X9 Plus BLE 4.0 Smart Wristband with Heartrate & Blood Pressure Sensor

X9 Plus BLE 4.0 Smart Wristband

X9 Plus BLE 4.0 Smart Wristband comes with Heartrate & Blood Pressure Sensor. If you are looking for low priced wristband for you, you might want to check this X9 Plus BLE. It has a large screen when you compare it with other brand’s wristband. Key features of X9 Plus BLE 4.0 Smart Wristband Heart Rate Monitor – Monitor your heart rate in real-time Blood Pressure – Monitor your blood pressure at anytime Blood Oxygen – Monitor Oxygen present in your …

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younity Let’s You Stream Movies Across Devices

younity for Android

If you want your friend to access your files which use younity, you can also share any of your selected files securely. You will be able to share your Apple iTunes playlist with other younity users; other younity users will be able to stream that music files instantly on their device. Your uploaded file is safe, as there are no real data involved in an entire process. All you are doing is stream the content from your one device to …

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How To Lock Apps in Android Using Hexlock

Download Hexlock

Using PIN or pattern lock on android sometimes time-consuming or annoying. E.g. We unlock distinguishes to send a message to the recipient after it gets locked. When we receive a message from them, again we unlock WhatsApp to read and send a message to them. Sometimes, you just want to have a quick access without typing a code or pattern lock. But we need information on our phone made private. So how about if we can lock individual apps like WhatsApp or …

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What Is The Best VPN App for Android? We Are Testing Rocket VPN

Setting up Rocket VPN on Android

VPN apps are mostly used when user are concerned about their online privacy. You can make your mobile activities private without worrying about your privacy and allows you to fake being browsing from another country. Hopefully, for Android users, there are some excellent Android VPN apps available that help us to fake our browsing location. The app called as Rocket VPN, let’s try and take a closer look at Rocket VPN app. Setting up Rocket VPN on Android First of all, you …

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CM Security Lets you to Use Free Fast VPN on Android

Free Fast VPN

Cheetah Mobile has launched apps like AppLock & AntiVirus itself. Their VPN helps you to protect your online privacy. CM VPN app for Android allows you to browse Free Fast VPN with unlimited bandwidth. Why You Should Start Using a VPN on your Device VPN means virtual private network. VPN creates encrypted layer of security between you and the sites you browse. Suppose you are a student, you will get access to VPN provided by college or universities. But at the cafe or …

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Locus Map – Best Outdoor GPS Navigation App For Android

Locus Map Compass

Do you love hiking or biking? We have found a great outdoor GPS navigation app for your Android smartphone. Yes, it’s Locus Map, which helps you in your travelling in an efficient manner. Locus Map provides you various kinds of navigation maps on your smartphone or tablet. If you love hiking or cycling, this would be one of the best outdoor navigation apps for you. It offers you nautical charts or town plans, and yes, you will know your precise …

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The Most Popular Casual Games to Play on Android

Smartphones have brought a series of major changes into our lives, but one of the biggest of them all was their changing the way we relate to gaming. The “personal screen” – a term used in stats to describe smartphones and tablets – has become the most used for gaming, and the casual game has become the most popular game category ever, attracting millions of players, and generating millions in revenues for publishers. Below you’ll find the most popular casual …

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When Was The First Cell Phone Invented [INFOGRAPHIC]

First Cell Phone

According to anewdomain.net website, first, cell the phone was invented on April 3, 1973. This was the date when Motorola exec made a first mobile phone. That mobile was commercially available cell phone which was costing around $4000 USD at that time. According to Mashable, first, cellphone weighed around 2.5 pounds, which we can call and work out together. Lol ! Cell Phone History From Begining In 1992, IBM Simon was developed, latest Nokia created Nokia 2110 mobile phone in 1994. Later Motorola …

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