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How To Set A Data Usage Limit On Android

Last Updated On: January 30, 2015

Most of android smartphones users are using internet data plan with their device. Generally by paying some amount per month for 1-2 GB.So if you use more data than your plan, you will probably need to pay some higher amount to your service provider.There is good news for Android version 4.0 and above version users.You can easily set the data usage limit on your android tablet.

You can easily set data limit and limit warning for your tablet. Just follow the steps to set data usage limit on your android device.

1. Go to setting by clicking/tapping on option button of your android device.
2.Below Bluetooth, you can see data usage option, tap there.
3.At the top you will see mobile data on/off button. You can easily off that button, once data limit reached and you are given warning by the system.
4.Check the box that says set mobile data limit and you will be see a notice box saying that your mobile data connection will be disabled once data limit is reached. Click on OK button.
5.You will see a graph with red and yellow lining. Set yellow lining where you want to notify you with android system warning. Set red line where you want to disable data usage.(According to your internet data plan).

Suppose you have activated 2 GB data plan from your service provider, you can set warning line to 1800-1900 MB & set red limit line near 2200-2300 MB.Since data usage is measured by your android device & your carrier may account for usage differently.

You can also see how much data has been conversed by specific apps from your android device. Just navigate below and you will see list of installed apps with their data usage.You can click on the app to restrict background data on your device.

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