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PDF Converter App For Android Tablet

Last Updated On: March 25, 2014

We are coming across with documents file online as well as offline. Sometime we have to deal with documents file from our android tablet.  We have found awesome PDF converter android app for android users, who deals with documents file all times.This small app takes a document in almost any format and converts it on a server in the internet to a PDF. The generated PDF is saved on your SD-Card in the download folder.

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PDF Converter - Android Apps on Google Play

/**** Supported File Formats ****/
doc – Microsoft Word 97/2000/XP [.doc] doc6 – Microsoft Word 6.0 [.doc] doc95 – Microsoft Word 95 [.doc] docbook – DocBook [.xml] html – HTML Document (OpenOffice.org Writer) [.html] odt – Open Document Text [.odt] ott – Open Document Text [.ott] ooxml – Microsoft Office Open XML [.xml] pdb – AportisDoc (Palm) [.pdb] psw – Pocket Word [.psw] rtf – Rich Text Format [.rtf] latex – LaTeX 2e [.ltx] sdw – StarWriter 5.0 [.sdw] sdw4 – StarWriter 4.0 [.sdw] sdw3 – StarWriter 3.0 [.sdw] stw – Open Office.org 1.0 Text Document Template [.stw] sxw – Open Office.org 1.0 Text Document [.sxw] text – Text Encoded [.txt] txt – Plain Text [.txt] vor – StarWriter 5.0 Template [.vor] vor4 – StarWriter 4.0 Template [.vor] vor3 – StarWriter 3.0 Template [.vor] bmp – Windows Bitmap [.bmp] emf – Enhanced Metafile [.emf] eps – Encapsulated PostScript [.eps] gif – Graphics Interchange Format [.gif] html – HTML Document (OpenOffice.org Draw) [.html] jpg – Joint Photographic Experts Group [.jpg] met – OS/2 Metafile [.met] odd – OpenDocument Drawing [.odd] otg – OpenDocument Drawing Template [.otg] pbm – Portable Bitmap [.pbm] pct – Mac Pict [.pct] pdf – Portable Document Format [.pdf] pgm – Portable Graymap [.pgm] png – Portable Network Graphic [.png] ppm – Portable Pixelmap [.ppm] ras – Sun Raster Image [.ras] std – OpenOffice.org 1.0 Drawing Template [.std] svg – Scalable Vector Graphics [.svg] svm – StarView Metafile [.svm] swf – Macromedia Flash (SWF) [.swf] sxd – OpenOffice.org 1.0 Drawing [.sxd] sxd3 – StarDraw 3.0 [.sxd] sxd5 – StarDraw 5.0 [.sxd] tiff – Tagged Image File Format [.tiff] wmf – Windows Metafile [.wmf] xhtml – XHTML [.xhtml] xpm – X PixMap [.xpm] [Update] : This app seems to be discontinued from Google Play Store and App brain Market.You can alternatively use document converter app that would convert any android app into PDF document.