Google Photo Backup on Android

Disable Google Auto Backup On Asus Zenfone Zoom

Want to Get rid of Google Auto Backup ? Do you know Google plus auto backup will automatically backup your photos on Google drive by default. you can enable or disable google plus auto backup using below method. All the people wants to take amazing photos with their smartphone device, with some reasons or also without any reasons. Like that, due to some reasons they also have to delete some images. Sometimes, some great and important images are deleted by them bymistake. Once …

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    How to Clear Cache Partition Galaxy S5

    How to Wipe Cache Partition on Any Smartphone

    With the wipe cache partition option, your smartphone will automatically delete all temporary file and fragmented data. This is an interesting function for the android smartphone because sometimes you might facing issue with apps crash like Facebook crashing on device, some Google Play store errors due to residual files on your device. By clearing cache partition on your device, your device will remove those temp and residual files and make your device function well. You can only delete these file …

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      Smartwatch Buying Guide

      Smartwatch Buying Guide – Everything You Need to Know

      Are you planning to buy a new smart watch recently? Well that is a great idea, but are you aware of the features? Do you know what to look for in a good smartwatch to ensure that you are investing your money on the right device? Well if not then you do not need to worry. This article will perfectly guide you for buying the right smartwatch for you. Big names such as Samsung, apple as well as traditional companies …

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        Best Smartphone Camera

        Best Camera Phone in India – Phones With Good Cameras

        Looking for Best Camera Phone in India ? Do you know which phone has the best camera? Do check out this article to get solution of your questions. As we know that, nowadays there are many of smartphone devices are launched each month and week. Most of the smartphone comes with so many features as well as specification. The features and specification such as RAM memory, camera, battery, operating system, internal memory storage, expandable memory storage etc. Smartphone is device which …

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          HTC desire 610

          Best Smartphone Under 200

          We are reviewing latest smartphones and tablets online. This time we would like to review few of the Best Smartphone Under 200. You can also read about latest smartphones under $300 from our website. Best Smartphone Under 200 Looking for Best Phone Under $200 dollar price range? Check out our recommendation on few of the Best Smartphone Under 200 here. NEW HTC Desire 200 White 102e The New HTC Desire 200 smartphone is come in White color. This smartphone has Mini SIM card. …

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            Download and Install the latest version of Google Play Services

            How to Fix Google Play Store Not Working on Android

            Are you tired of Google Play Store Not Working on Android? Do you want to get rid of Google Play Store Not Working issue? Do check out this article to fix any google play store error quickly. Mostly users of the smartphone devices have used a lot of applications in their device. The application used in their smartphone, have been downloaded from different sources. But, the most of users have downloaded the most of apps from one very well known source, have you …

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              Alarm Clock Apps for Android

              Best Alarm Clock Apps for Android

              Looking for Best Alarm Clock App for your android smartphone? Are you heavy sleeper and don’t able to get up on time even if you set an alarm there? You should check out this post for Best Alarm Clock Apps for your smartphone that surely wake you up at the morning. Nowadays, the smartphone device is a device which makes all your wishes fulfill. It does not matter that your wishes would be of entertainment related, storage space, communication, television, …

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                Viber Apps

                Viber – Make Free Calls & Messages From Smartphone

                Nowadays, there are many peoples are using smartphone device. In their smartphone, there is also some or many apps are used by them. There are so many free apps available in google play store that you can get advantage of. So many apps have been offered by many of peoples and companies, which are very useful for you and your smartphone as well. Some apps is free for making free calls, free text messages, free images sharing and location sharing. …

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                  Samsung Galaxy Ace 4 Lite (G313ML) Smartphone 1

                  Samsung Galaxy Ace 4 Lite (G313ML) Smartphone

                  A well known South Korean multi electronic equipment manufacturer as well as smartphone manufacturer company Samsung has launched smartphone from its famous smartphone series Galaxy, which is called as Samsung Galaxy Ace 4 Lite (G313ML) device. So now, we will discuss about some amazing features and specs of this Samsung Galaxy device. Display and Design : The Galaxy Ace 4 Lite smartphone touch screen display having screen resolution up to 480 x 800 pixels. There are 16 million colors color depth in this …

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                    Delete Kik Account from android

                    How To Delete Your Kik Account

                    Want to Delete Kik Account ? Check out this 6 steps method to deactivate your kik account easily. If you are looking for how to delete your kik account, you are at right place. Checkout below article on how do you delete a kik account easily. Kik messenger app is free to use app that has been downloaded over one hundred million times from Google Play store and also it’s app is available for Android, iOS &Windows users too. Similar to Whatsapp, you can …

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