Boot Animation Android App

As we know, the smartphone is one of the important needs of our routine life. Some users are also using some external accessories to make their android smartphone more customizable. For an example, the people are using cases, back covers, stickers, and much more. Some of them are also using costly things to make the device more and more personalized. But, if you know that you can also customize your device from the inside of the smartphone. Yes, you can set …

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free caller id faker for android

Caller ID Faker & Recorder Android App – Fun with Android

One of the primary function of the mobile it to make a call or to take a call from someone. Now, the latest smartphone devices come with many features, but, the functions of calls are as it is. The calling is one of the greatest features of both, Android as well as other OS phones. But, with the increasing in the use of technology, some sources have also launched the app, which makes a fake call. By using those apps, you can …

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Reset your Google account on your phone

How To Reset Google Account on Android

The Google is one of the best service providers for all the Android smartphone users. Periodically, Google has also launched latest updates for the Android OS. Other than this, the Gmail is also one of the best services by Google. The Gmail is one of the popular email service providers. But, after using the Gmail continuously, it saves all the data related to it as a cache. The collection of such cached data will also hang your android device. So, …

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How To Make New Google Account For Android

Google own so many services like Google Drive, Google Play Store, Google Music Store, Google+, and many more. Out of them, the Gmail is one of the greatest services by Google. As without Gmail account, android is nothing. We have to configure google account with android before we use it.But, some new android users does not have any idea about the starting with new Gmail account. So, for those users, here we will discuss a method of how to make a new …

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Speed Up Android

How To Make Samsung Tablet Faster

Samsung has launched many of Android smartphone as well as tablet devices. The continuous use of tablets and phones may slow up the device. Even, some battery issues also occur. This is the most common issue for tablet or smartphone users that device performing slowly. So, for those users, we will discuss that how to make samsung tablet faster. Here, we will mention some tips or fixes, by which you should get rid of the problem. Now, take a look at …

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Enable SMS Delivery Report on Android

How to Enable SMS Delivery Report on Android

There are so many functions can easily done by using a mobile. However, to send and receive the text message is one of the great roles of the mobile phone. The text message service of the mobile allows you to send messages to another device. By using the settings of your messaging app, you can also take the SMS Delivery Report. This works like WhatsApp read receipt. So when your message is getting delivered, you will receive notification on your …

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Why Cant I Download Apps From Google Play Store

Suppose you want to download any new Android app, you will go to Google play store instantly.We can say that the Google Play Store is a treasure of all Android apps. But sometimes, you have noticed that you can’t download apps from the store from your device. It also happens that you can not find that app on the store, while your friend can. If you see that app, but because of some reasons, you can not be downloading it. Most of …

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Best Waterproof Smartphones

Best Waterproof Smartphones

Nowadays, all the smartphone devices are coming with many unique features and specs. However, the features may vary by the manufacturer of the device, but it does not matter. As we know that, the electronics and water do not have a good relation. The same thing also applies to the smartphones. But, now many smartphone manufacturer companies are manufacturing the waterproof smartphones or water resistance phones. It is one of the great and best features of all time. So, here …

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2014 Android Tablet

Top 10 Best Tablets Under 200 Dollar Price Range

Not everyone can afford expensive android tablets for their personal use or office use.But there are few best android tablets that having a similar feature as that of those expensive tablets.  There are a couple of inexpensive android tablets that come under 200 USD and affordable for everyone. If you don’t know from where you should buy Best Tablets Under 200 ,  you came here to the right place to discover your need. Here in this article, we are going …

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My Mixtapez Music Android App

The Smartphone device is becoming one of the important needs of the people nowadays. There are so many functions can be easily completed by using the smart android device. The music listening is one of the functions that you can do because of the smart device. You can also store many of the music tracks as my mixtapes in the smartphone device, to listen to it. In addition of that, some music android apps are also available at the Play …

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