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How to Turn Off Safe Mode on Android

Sometimes, it will happen that suddenly your android smartphone device enters into the safe mode. But, here one question also arises that why smartphone device goes into the safe mode. There are some users are also want solution about how to take safe mode off on android. So, first of all, we will discuss that why the android smart devices are goes into the safe mode. Then after, we will also discuss some best fixes to turn off the safe …

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Best tablets for kids

Best Tablets For Kids

Nowadays, everyone wants to use smart devices with any of purpose. Even, kids are also want to play games on tablets. The Tablet devices are also easy to use as well as the portable device. As parents, if you are using the tablet device then it may possible that your kids also wants to play with it. There are also some Best tablets for kids are available in the market that you can gift to your child. For your kids, some kids …

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Proscan Tablet device

Buy Now Proscan Tablet Online With Keyboard & Case

There are so many smartphones, as well as tablet devices, are launched per week. All those smart devices come with amazing specs and features. Here, we are also going to discuss tablet device, which is designed and launched by Proscan. So now, we will discuss some marvelous features and specs of the Proscan tablet device. Proscan Tablet Device Specification & Details The Proscan Tablet device comes with a huge 7-inch multi-capacitive touch screen display. The screen resolution of the display is around of …

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PS4 Controller App

How to Use Android As PS4 Controller App

The smartphone devices have been used for so many purposes. The purposes like to use the internet, to play games, to watching videos, to sending messages etc. One of the known purposes of the smartphone device is for playing games. For the hardcore lovers of games, the Sony has already launched an app, which is called as ps4 app. But, the limitation of this app is that it was applicable only for the Sony Xperia users. So, it directly means that …

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android os battery drain

Best Solution For Android System Battery Drain

The smartphone and tablet devices are one of the most needed things of the people right now. By using which, people can fulfill their most of the requirements. Mostly the people chooses those smart devices, which runs on Android os. But, after sometimes of using the android smart device, there are some problems occurs. The problems like a touch response problem, low response, battery drain problem, Hanging problem etc. There are so many reasons behind all the problems. So, here …

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Want to Use clipboard on android phone - Use Clipper app

Where is My Clipboard on Android Phone

Day by day, there are so many new smartphones & tablet devices are launched. Nowadays, all the smartphone devices come with so many amazing features and specs. The features like more RAM, more internal memory, more battery power, updated processor, updated OS system etc. Here, we are also discussing one of the best features. The feature is known as Clipboard. But, all the android users should have one question that Where is the Clipboard on android phone. You might notice that when …

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touch screen not working

How To Fix Android Touch Screen Not Working

Nowadays, the smart devices become the first and basic need of the people. All the people wants to use smart devices for so many purposes. Nowadays, touchscreen smartphones have replaced a button or keypad phones. The touch screen devices are compact instead of keyboard and typewriter. They are also easy to use devices. All the Android touch screen devices come with unique features. But sometimes, due to some problems, the phone touch screen not working properly. So, to fix this …

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Turn off Talkback Feature

How to Turn off Talkback Feature on Android

Want to get rid of turn off talkback on your smartphone? Simple disable it from setting menu. So your talk back app will not work. Check out more details about disabling talkback on your phone. If you are an Android user and our smartphone runs on android version 4.0 or more, then your device has some great features. If your device runs on 4.0 or more android version, then it may possibility that you have one of the best smartphones. Those devices come with …

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turn-off google now

How to Turn-off Google Now

Generally, the Google is most trusted search engine right now in the world. The Google has also launched so many impressive features for android powered devices. One of the best features of Google is known as “Google Now“. The Google Now is a feature, by which you can easily navigate to the desired files, open apps or call someone using voice commands. Here we will discuss a method to turn on and turn off Google now for Samsung Galaxy S5. If you …

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Samsung galaxy S6 Lock Screen Wallpaper change

How To Change Lock Screen Wallpaper on Galaxy S6

Generally, Samsung is one of the most reliable company for buying quality smartphones. There are so many smartphones and tablets launched by Samsung, along with great specs and features. The Samsung Galaxy S6 is one of the best flagship smartphone of Samsung. As we know that, when we are going to be started the S6 device by using lock button, the lock screen appears. There you will see lock screen wallpaper on screen. Basically, the lock screen comes with many of protection …

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