Baby Crying Detector 4

Baby Crying Detector

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge smartphone is one of the best latest smartphones. This Galaxy mobile comes with wide range of the features and specs. It also has some excellent features that you can not see in any other latest smart devices. Behind these broad features, there is one name and is of Samsung. Not even in the S6 Edge device, you can also observe the many features in any Samsung phone. The Galaxy S6 Edge comes with one unique …

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URL Shortener Android App 1

URL Shortener Android App – Shorten Links using Android

We know that every website and web page have their link or URL related to itself. In which, some web page has long URL and some have short URL. With the short link or URL, there is no problem to keep remembering it. But, there is the only issue with the Long link of the particular contents. So, there is any option to remember the long URL quickly? Yes, if you convert that long link into the short link, then …

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pattern lock screen app

Pattern Lock Screen Android App

For the security, all the smartphones are coming with their own security features. For that, the Android smartphone devices have swipe display lock. Also of that, it also has options of PIN lock, Password lock, and Pattern lock. This lock makes your smart device more secure in place of swipe lock. But, suppose you use the pattern lock on your device. And while using the pattern lock screen provided by the manufacturers, there is no any background behind the lock. …

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Firmware Updater Android 2

Firmware Updater Android

Nowadays, all the Android smartphones are coming with the periodic updates of their Android operating system. It is also known as Android firmware update. Whatever the updates come with the smart device is generally provided by the manufacturer of the phone. Although, most users of the Android phone do not know that how to update the android firmware. So, for those who do know that here we are coming with a better solution for the firmware update. But, before that, we …

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Samsung Galaxy S5 cases

Best Flip Covers for Samsung Galaxy S5 Smartphone

Last time we have discussed Samsung Galaxy S5 Smartphone. It was the best smartphone launched by Samsung.The Samsung Galaxy S5 S-View Flip Case would be the best way to protect your smartphone from damage. Since the Samsung Galaxy S5 comes is dust proof and waterproof smartphone, you have not to worry about it, but you should care it and prevent it from damage. The better thing is you cover your smartphone with protection.Here are the Best Flip Covers for Samsung Galaxy S5  in …

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Keyboard Themes For Android

Most of the users are using the smartphone device to use the internet. They are using mostly the social networking sites. The users are also using their smartphone device to chat with others via social sites or text messages. As we know that to chat with each other, we have to type. To type, the keyboard is a must. All the smartphone comes with a keyboard. The pre-installed keyboard comes with the device, is a simple kind of keyboard. But, some …

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Image 2 Wallpaper Android App

Set Image As Full Wallpaper Without Cropping in Android Smartphone

Android smartphone is the best mobile platform to use. All Android smartphones have different size of the screen, so there are no specific size wallpapers for android. Whatever wallpaper you choose, a device will ask you to crop in the appropriate size to make it fit on your smartphone’s screen & Set Image As Full Wallpaper. If you have a low end android smartphone, you might not set higher resolution size wallpaper on your device. I have an observer that most of …

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Developer Option - Stop Apps running in Background

Stop Apps From Auto Starting on Android

You might have noticed when you boot your Android, some apps getting started automatically. Some apps like Google play services, Amazon MP3 store, Google play store, facebook, etc. runs in the background. Not only that, but it consumes your Internet data too as well as battery. If you are facing slow performance or battery backup issue, you might want to check this out. This might improve your battery backup and phone performance. All you need to do is stop apps from …

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Changing the Mode into Battery Saving

How to Fix Google Play Services Battery Draining Problem

For all the required apps of the Android, all Android users have to take help from Play Store. Because it is an only way that by which the users can get any app from that. There are many sources available from which users will get the apps. But, the Google Play Store has its unique features. This is the reason that’s why the people most preferred the Google Play Store. But sometimes, the services of the Google Play may become …

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How to Turn On or Off Backup Assistant Plus in Samsung Galaxy Android Phone 1

How to Turn On or Off Backup Assistant Plus

Among all the smartphone devices, most of the people have preferred to use the Samsung smartphones. Samsung’s unique features and specs are one if the main reasons behind the popularity of the Samsung mobiles. Most of the Samsung device comes with advanced features. But, it does not mean that the problems or issues have never come in the Samsung phones. The random freezing of the device probably occurs in all the Samsung devices. It happens because of the software problems …

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