Gaana Download MP3 Songs online

Download Free MP3 on Android Legally – Android FM Player

Recently we have discussed about top apps to download MP3 songs online. From there, there were few apps that was removed from Google play Store. Here we have found new android app that would work both as online FM player as well as Free MP3 downloader. I have tried and it’s really awesome. If you are on computer, you can stream and play online music of any movies.You can also listen to live radio mirchi FM online from computer …

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    Dropbox Android SD Card

    How to Backup Android SD Card to Dropbox

    Want to Backup Android SD Card to Dropbox ? Dropbox can backup your entire memory card on cloud. This way, you can get your backup files from anywhere you want. We all know Dropbox is the best cloud storage for smartphone users, when you buy new smartphones, smartphone companies like Samsung also give you 50GB of FREE online storage with Dropbox. Generally, when you sign up for dropbox, you will get 2GB of FREE cloud storage. if you are looking for …

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      Android Apps Uninstaller

      How to Uninstall Android Apps – Delete Apps From Device

      Recently we have discussed about installing external android apps on our smartphone. You can also use our tutorial on How to install apps from PC to smartphone. Well, if you want to remove or uninstall android apps from your device, you can use app manager to uninstall apps from your device quickly. You can review installed apps on your device and quick uninstall them by using following tips. If you don’t know How to Remove Apps that you don’t use often, …

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        Package File is invalid Android

        How to Fix Package File is Invalid Google Play Store Error

        There are numerous android apps available on Google Play Store that help you to use your smartphone like a pro. But sometimes you will get “Package File is Invalid” error. You might be reading this article because you are looking for what does package file invalid mean. Well, this error normally comes when you’re downloading and installing any android application from Google Play Store. This occurs for any apps you are downloading, suppose you are downloading whatsapp, you might also …

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          Screenshot on Motorola Phone

          How To Screenshot On Droid Maxx

          Motorola Droid Maxx is a very good smartphone to use. Here in this article, we are going to discuss about How To Screenshot On Droid Maxx easily. Capturing screenshot of smartphone screen during gaming, browsing internet, online shopping etc will help you to keep as record. Taking Screenshot Motorola Droid Maxx is very simple similar to swiping the screen or pressing a button on your smartphone. How to Screenshot Motorola Droid Razr Maxx Step 1: Press & Hold the Power button and the Volume Down button …

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            How to Add Emoji to Android

            How To Get Best Emoticons For Android Smartphone

            Who don’t like lovely character while typing on smart phone? In this article we will show you how to get emoji emoticons on your existing android smartphone. But most of smart phone does not support emoji by default. If you want to get lot of emojis and emotion on your android smartphone, you will need to have some emoji keyboard for android smartphone. You can download and install emoji keyboard apps that helps you to create your emojis and emotion on …

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              santabanta download free HD wallpapers for android phone

              Download Free HD Wallpapers For Android With Hot Wallpapers

              HD wallpapers for android for Mobile gives hand-picked HD backgrounds for your Android device. It includes one finger zoom, mode Set as wallpaper on your phone, and Offline app for fast load times. How to Get wallpapers for android If you are a big fan of HD wallpapers, you will surely love this amazing android app.With SantaBanta Wallpapers,You will have thousands of stunning HD Android Wallpapers for your android device. SantaBanta has been one of the most popular and trusted source of high …

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                City Maps 2Go Offline Maps - Android App

                City Maps 2Go – Interactive Offline Map With Wikipedia Travel Guides

                Lat time we have discussed about Rmaps offlinemaps by which user would be able to view map without having internet connection. Interesting part of that map was user can select the specific map area to download it offline. I have observed that some of sony smartphone devices have inbuilt facility on their default maps. So smartphone users can download offline map for any part of the world directly on their default maps app. There is option on the app, to …

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                  3G Watchdog - Best Android Apps for monitoring data usage

                  3G Watchdog – Monitor Data Usage On Android

                  Most of the time, android users are having internet data plan activated. Because Android mobiles are not a device that can be run without internet. If you have android mobile smartphones, you can get best use of your device if you have internet. You can access your social media profiles, play games, download videos, movies, download free useful apps and much more that you can not think of. Most of the time, we have activated data plan on our device …

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                    Disable Auto Backup On Android

                    Turn off Auto Backup of Photos & Videos in Google Plus Android App

                    Want to Turn off Auto Backup ? Here is detailed tutorial on disabling google+ auto backup on android. Google+ is by-default installed on most of the android smartphones. While you are setting up Google account with Android, you would asked several options like sync Google+ albums and syncing contacts etc. Generally on Google+, there would be Google Plus Photo Backup feature that is on by default. It would backup your taken photos from your phone on Google+ Photo Storage online on your …

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