TV Remote for Android

Best TV Remote App for Android

The IR Blaster is a unique feature in the android smartphone that allows you to control your television via your smartphone. Android TV Remote Control App gives you fully remote control access and other many features similar to that you get with your original TV remote. Only you need to download any TV remote app and enhance your television experience with new remote control app on your Android smartphone. You don’t need your tv’s remote to change channels on your TV because you can …

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Backup & Restore whatsapp chat data

Backup & Restore WhatsApp to Google Drive in 5 Steps

We have discussed restoring chat backup data from Whatsapp messenger in our earlier articles. Recently WhatsApp has implemented a feature which helps us to auto backup WhatsApp to Google drive efficiently. Here in this article, we are going to discuss on how to backup and Restore WhatsApp Conversations to Google Drive. WhatsApp, the most popular messaging service app for connecting or sharing their memories, pictures, videos, and also can share your voice clip. The Backup of your WhatsApp is the best …

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WallMate - Wallpaper Animator App

How to Make Your Own Wallpaper

There are so many ways, by which you can easily customise your Android smartphone. Like smartphone accessories, case, cover and more. Likewise, the beautiful wallpaper will also help you to customise your device. For that, nowadays all the mobile coming with different wallpapers. Also of that, it also allows you to set your favourite image as a wallpaper. But, have you ever thinking about to create your wallpaper for your android phone? If no, then now it’s time to create …

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Hide It Pro App or AUDIO MANAGER 2

Best App Hider for Android

Every Android user has stored some important and secret files or media on their devices. They have stored such kind of files for one or more purposes. Sometimes it is necessary to hiding some important files from others. And that’s why nowadays all the devices coming with some features by which you can hide such files using lock screen apps. Those features allow you to hide files or media from the person who is sometimes using your phone. More than …

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Transfer Contacts 4

Transfer Contacts – Import & Exporting Contact on Android

Everyone is looking forward to buying a new smartphone. Some peoples keep changing their smartphones to new one whenever there is any new smartphone comes in the market. But, at that time, what is about the data stored in our old or previous device? If those data is predominant, then you must have to transfer it to your brand new smartphone you just bought. It may be contacts, images, videos, documents, apps and more. Here, we will discuss that how …

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Samsung Galaxy S3 Smartphone Camera Failed

Samsung Galaxy S3 Smartphone Camera Failed

The most annoying thing is on Android smartphone when applications close suddenly or display an error message. If you are using a Samsung Galaxy S3 and have received camera failed error, you should check this article. You are not alone as so many users reported this error on Samsung galaxy S3 device. Sometimes for other Samsung smartphones too. You only need to follow some simple troubleshooting steps, and the camera failed error on your device will be fixed. Every Samsung …

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X9 Plus BLE 4.0 Smart Wristband

X9 Plus BLE 4.0 Smart Wristband with Heartrate & Blood Pressure Sensor

X9 Plus BLE 4.0 Smart Wristband comes with Heartrate & Blood Pressure Sensor. If you are looking for low priced wristband for you, you might want to check this X9 Plus BLE. It has a large screen when you compare it with other brand’s wristband. Key features of X9 Plus BLE 4.0 Smart Wristband Heart Rate Monitor – Monitor your heart rate in real-time Blood Pressure – Monitor your blood pressure at anytime Blood Oxygen – Monitor Oxygen present in your …

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SUPCASE Heavy Duty Galaxy S5 Full-body Rugged Case

Best Covers for Samsung Galaxy S5 Smartphone

Samsung Galaxy S5 is a smartphone which excels in everything and is smartly refined as well as subtly improved too. This smartphone is superior super phone featuring latest Android offering Kitkat along with a bright display and quad-core processor. It has got amazing camera along with its own customized UI. Despite of its confusing fingerprint scanner, it is still the best smartphone featuring heart-rate monitor and costs above its top-rivals smartphones. Before talking about the best Samsung Galaxy S5 mini Cases …

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How To Disable Autosync Android

How To Copy And Paste On Android

As we know the mobile is one of the primary needs nowadays for most of the people. The mobile can be used for lots of purposes. Such as to play games, to use the internet, to calling, to send the message, to payment or more. Along with that, most of the people are also uses the mobile to chat or video calling with each other. The chatting is necessary to stay connected with each other. To chatting, the typing is …

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what is error 905 on google play

How To Fix Google Play Error 905

Frequently getting Google Play Error 905? Google always try to improve their play store apps, and it’s user interface to make it smooth UI for anyone. But there are so many google play store errors while downloading anything from play store are there that confuse users most often. There are so many play store errors like Error 927, Error 491, Error 403 and so on. One of the most common errors in play store is Play Store Error Code 905. When can we …

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