how can you tell if someone blocked your number

How To Know If Someone Blocked You On Whatsapp

It is not an easy task to find out who has blocked you on WhatsApp. But here we are listing few signs that help you to find out if you were blocked on WhatsApp by someone. Read below article to How To Know If Someone Blocked You On Whatsapp. How To Know If Someone Blocked You On Whatsapp Below are few signs that help you know if someone blocks you on WhatsApp. Whatsapp Read Receipt will not be Displayed Whatsapp has …

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    Block Contact on Whatsapp

    How To Block Someone On Whatsapp

    Nowadays, Whatsapp is the best messenger to send and receive chat, photos, videos or voice messages online. In fact, Whatsapp has replaced default messaging app for all android smartphone users. But sometimes, we are fed up with someone, who keeps messaging us and we don’t want to receive a message from him/her anymore. Here in this article, you will learn about How To Block Someone On Whatsapp messenger. It is really annoying that someone keeps messaging you on and on. …

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      how to reset a samsung phone

      How To Reset A Samsung Phone

      Is your device running slow? Do you want your Samsung smartphone’s performance as before? You can reset your Samsung smartphone to default factory setting. So that it will work like you got the new smartphone. Check out below steps on How To Reset A Samsung Phone in just 5 steps. How To Reset A Samsung Phone in 3 Steps Follow the steps below to reset your Samsung smartphones to default factory setting easily in just 5 steps. Press & hold Volume up + …

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        Ad Blocker For Android

        Best Ad Blocker For Android

        You might be seeing ads on any websites you browse. Sometimes on android apps we download, are also having ads. The main intention of placing ads for webmaster or app developer is to finance their content. Since they are providing you free content, they need money to run continuing providing you free content or services. Personally, I am not using any ad blocker for android for products or content that I love to play with. It’s my personal way to …

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          block private calls on Android

          How To Block Private Calls on ASUS Zenfone

          It’s very common for some users that they are being called by private numbers. There is nothing more annoying than being harassed by private calls and messages. Especially calls from hidden number calls from telemarketing companies. The thing is how to prevent those peoples calling you again, check out this tutorial on how to block private calls on ASUS zenfone series smartphones. You can even block SMS from private numbers using this technique. Most of the smartphones like ASUS zenfone …

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            How To Clear Memory (RAM) of your Samsung Smartphone

            Want to speed up your Samsung smartphone? Clearing RAM memory may improve your device’s performance. If there is 90% or more usage level of RAM on any device, may cause your device perform poorly and that affect it’s performance. You will need to review RAM usage on clear memory (RAM) if needed. RAM is short form of Random Access Memory that is responsible for device’s performance on smartphones, tablets or computer devices. Clearing RAM will end running apps and stop …

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              what is error 905 on google play

              How To Fix Google Play Error 905

              Frequently getting Google Play Error 905 ? Google always try to improve their play store apps and it’s user interface to make it smooth UI for anyone. But there are so many google play store errors while downloading anything from play store are there that confuse users most often. There are so many play store errors like Error 927, Error 491, Error 403 and so on. One of the most common error in play store is Play Store Error Code 905. Error code …

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                How To Hide Apps on Android

                Want to hide apps on an android smartphone? There is default app hider setting on almost all android based smartphones and tablet device. That allow you to hide apps from app drawer on your android device. Check out this interesting guide about how to hide apps on smartphones & tablet devices. Those hidden apps can also be accessed at any time by unhiding them using those setting. Check below steps on How To Hide Apps on Android smartphones. Most of the peoples are …

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                  how to format sd card - theandroidportal

                  How To Format SD Card on Android Smartphones

                  Want to format your SD card from android smartphones or tablet? Check out this very basic tips that help you on how to format sd card easily using following steps. Formatting an SD card is necessary when you feel your android smartphone is running slow. Sometimes, you can speed up your device using some apps like cleanmaster, while sometimes you can not speed up your device. This happens when you have connected your android smartphone to a computer that is …

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                    ASUS Zenfone Max Front Side

                    ASUS Zenfone Max – Smartphone with built in Powerbank

                    ASUS Zenfone Max is a best budget smartphone from ASUS after their launch of Zenfone 2 Laser. Asus is giving out so many mid-range and entry-level smartphones starting from Zenfone 5, Zenfone 6 to Zenfone Zoom smartphone. Zenfone Max upgraded version’s price is also same as of their Zenfone 2 laser smartphone. Price for zenfone max upgraded version is Rs. 9,999 in India and that was launched on 23rd May 2016 in India. After launching this Zenfone max device, a company …

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