How to extract, edit, and rezip apk files on Android

APK Editor – How to Edit APK Files on Android

Hey guys, If you are android application developer or learning android application developement, you might probably looking for editing or modifying android apps. You might also looking for How to Edit an APK files & also when you first learnt how to decompile, modify then recompile .apks, it seems little tough that it’s looking. Here in this post we would going to discuss about editing APK files from android using APK Editing Tool, that will help you to edit apk files or even modify APK …

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    htc one battery replacement service

    HTC One M8 Battery Replacement Guide

    If your old HTC One M8 battery draining fast and you want to replace your HTC smartphone’s battery, here is the way you can replace your M8 htc batteries easily. Check out the steps mentioned below on how to change htc one battery easily. How to change battery htc one m8 Step 1: First of all, You have to switch off your HTC One M8 smartphone by pressing Power button Step 2: Now you have to remove Sim card tray and SD card …

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      Android Porn Blocker App

      How to Block Porn Websites on Any Android Phones/Tablet

      If you are purchasing android smartphone for your children, you might probably look for the best parental control for smartphones.If your child is using internet, there would be more chances to get addicted to pornography and social networking sites. We don’t have any problem if they use social networking sites, but if they browse pornographic content, parents should be alert for the same and do something to prevent them browsing porn websites as a good parents. We have found new …

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        Disable Google Photo Sync to Clean Up Your Gallery App

        How To Delete Picasa Photos From Android Gallery

        Want to how to delete picasa photos from your gallery? Check out this article about how to delete picasa pictures  from smartphone. Most of the time while we adding Gmail account to android, it automatically sync contacts, Sync Picasa with Android, Google+ photos, Android Photo Sync and that are visible on android device under gallery section.So whenever you open your gallery photos from your device, those sync images from your Google account will be seen. How to Delete Picasa Photos …

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          How to Save Snapchat Conversations

          Best Snapchat Screenshot App to Save Snapchat Photos

          Snapchat is popular photo and video sharing service which allow users to send photos and videos with each others. There are so many messengers available in play store like FB messenger, Whatsapp and many more to share images and videos with others, but interesting thing about snapchat is that snapchat allow user to send ephemeral messages. That means that snapchat messages will automatically gets expired after a certain period of time. This unique feature in snapchat made it popular among the smartphone …

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            Whatsapp Tricks And Tips

            Whatsapp Tricks And Tips

            Here on the androidportal, we always discuss about android related news and guide. Today in this article, we are sharing some of the best Whatsapp tricks and tips that you can use on your Whatsapp on your android smartphone. This way, you can use your whatsapp like a pro and with more interesting features. Check out few of the Best WhatsApp Tips and Tricks below. How to Hide Last Seen, Profile Picture and Status With this whatsapp feature, you will be …

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              Apps for Identifying Songs

              Best App That Recognizes Songs on Android

              Have you ever heard about song detector? When you are listening to any music, you have liked it and want to know which song is this? several years ago, it was very hard to identify a song that you are hearing on radio or somewhere else. Best and most easy way to detect recognize music is that you ask google what song is this and it will show you. Today, thanks to few best android apps that Recognizes Songs on Android smartphones easily within …

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                Do Tablets Have Replaceable Batteries

                Top Tablets with Replaceable Batteries

                Most of the android tablets are very compact and you can not even open it’s cover. It is compact like very packed device and you can not open it’s back cover to insert SD card also. To connect your SD card, there might be external SD card slot for it. Now when such tablets are broken or it’s battery life is over and you can not open it, then you can not use it anymore. If you are searching for …

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                  Disable Google Plus auto backup

                  How To Delete Auto Backup Pictures From Samsung Smartphones

                  We have already shared a guide on How to Remove Auto Backup Photos Android here. Here in this article, we will specially discuss about turning off auto backup picture on samsung smartphones. By default, when you add gmail account to your smartphone, it will enable auto backup features of photos on your Google account. But if you are really concerned about your online privacy and want to delete Google Backup Photos from samsung smartphones, you can follow this steps. You can also deactivate auto sync …

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                    HTC One M7 Battery Drain

                    10 Ways to Improve HTC One M7 Battery Life

                    Looking for guide to improve HTC One M7 Battery Life ? In this article, we will show ways to extend HTC One M7 battery life. You can also increase battery performance using battery setting and stopping background running app setting. The battery drain problem is most common problem for any android smartphone. So this guide will help you to use your M7 battery at optimum level with few things to consider while doing HTC One M7 Battery Calibration. 10 Ways to Prevent HTC One M7 …

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