Erase Games Data on Android Tablets & Phones

There are so many games are available at the Google Play Store for all the Android users. Most of the games are freely available to use or play on the Android smart device. While, some games are also obtainable with the paid version. In short, to find the new and latest games is not a tough job for Android users. But, whenever you are playing games on your Android device, the system will automatically save and record all the cached data. But, after …

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How to Delete a Video from Your YouTube Channel

How to Delete A Video on Youtube

We all know Android is OS powered by Google. One of the best is Android OS, which comes with OS in most of the devices. The Youtube is also one of the great features of the Google. We all know that the Youtube is the most trusted video sharing site. Any users can upload the video on Youtube. But, for that, you must be registered. While, anyone can save the video on youtube by using an offline feature of it. But, …

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WhatsApp Download For Samsung Galaxy, Bada OS and Java Phones

There are so many social networking apps are available to use in smart devices. All of them can also use in PC device. The social networking apps like Face Bada OS and Java Phones book, WhatsApp, Viber, Hike, SnapChat, Instagram and much more. All the social sites are also available for all different OS like Android, iOS, Windows, and BBM. Among of all the sites, Whatsapp is most popular networking sites which have been used by most of the users. The …

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Android Notification Settings

How to Disable Android Notification On Smartphones & Tablets

There are so many apps are available at the Google Play Store which is helpful for Android device. Some apps are showing notification of its own, say unwanted promotional ads. The notification like the updated version of that app is available or much more notifications come. But out of which, there is also some apps which continuously showing ads notifications. For some users, it is annoying to get continuous notification from any app. So, to get rid of unwanted notification …

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Unlock Smartphone After Too Many Pattern Attempts

How To Unlock Smartphone After Too Many Pattern Attempts

Nowadays, all the smart devices come with so many features and specs. With the increasing of the popularity of Android devices, the security features are also important for all the users. For security and safety purpose, most of the manufacturer have launched their device along with some safety features. Regarding built-in security features, the smartphone device comes with lock facility. In addition to that, the lock having options like pattern lock, password lock, PIN lock and more. Most of the …

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How To Fix Skype Video Not Working on Android

Recently, most of the social networking sites are coming with the video calling facility. This is the reason that’s why the use of social networking sites more comfortable. There are most of the social sites like Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, Viber, Skype and more comes with this service. All of them are really working well with the smartphone and tablet devices. But sometimes, due to some reasons, this service of video calling will not work properly with the device. So here, …

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Sync Is Currently Experiencing Problems – Solved

As we know, the Gmail is one of the best services of the Google. The Gmail is a service which provides Email service freely. This Google service is available in different more than 70 languages. Nowadays, the Gmail is one of the services which used by most of the people around the world. The Gmail works very well with smart devices as well as Desktops. But sometimes, it shows problems. One of the biggest problems occurs in Gmail Syncing on your …

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Best Laser Autofocus Camera Phones with Android OS

Currently, all the Android smartphone devices come with many of amazing features. Some devices have better camera result while some have more internal memory storage space. Besides of that, some devices come with more battery capacity while some come with latest and powerful processor. But, here we will discuss laser autofocus camera phone. In which, we will list the best top 10 Android smartphone devices. The laser autofocus for the camera is one of the greatest features of all time. …

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How To Take Screenshot On Samsung Galaxy S4 Smartphones

How To Take a Screenshot on Samsung Galaxy S2, S3 & S4 Devices

I love Samsung Galaxy S4, because it comes with lots of built-in future that other devices do not. Most of the android device needs to be rooted to capture a screenshot of a device but this is not same in the case of Samsung Galaxy S4. However, if you are using dell android device, it does not need to be rooted, you can try this tutorial how to take a screenshot of Dell Android devices without root. How to Screenshot on Samsung Galaxy …

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Best Smartphone Camera

Best Camera Phone in India – Phones With Good Cameras

Looking for Best Camera Phone in India? Do you know which phone has the best camera? Do check out this article to get the solution of your questions. As we know that, nowadays there are many of smartphone devices are launched each month and week. Most of the smartphone comes with so many features as well as specification. The features and specification such as RAM memory, camera, battery, operating system, internal memory storage, expandable memory storage, etc. The smartphone is a …

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