Unfortunately the Process Android ACORE has stopped

[Solved] Unfortunately the process com.android.phone has Stopped

After installing new firmware on your smartphones or tablet, frequently you might see such error that says “unfortunately the process com.android.phone has stopped system error message. This is your smartphone’s system error or your sim application error. Don’t worry about it because here; we have few trick to remove this error. The best and easiest solution to this error is reset your smartphone and uninstall all unnecessary apps. Here we are going to show “How to Fix the process unfortunately com.android.phone …

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Nextbit Robin in India

Razer Acquired Nexbit, Will Stop Robin Sales Immediately

Nextbit has recently announced on their forums that they have been acquired by Razer, ending their independent startup phone company. So they are going to stop selling their smartphone Nextbit Robin with their accessories. However, they will be honouring already purchased smartphone’s warranty for upcoming 6 months and going to release their security update by Feb 2018. According to them, Nextbit will continue operating as an independent division inside Razer, especially focusing on unique mobile design. But they will start …

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Pokemon GO now lets Android users play music while hunting

Good News for Pokemon GO Users – Now Play Music While Hunting Pokemon

Good news for Pokemon Go lovers. Now you don”t need to listen to Pokemon Go music theme in your ears while hunting for Pokemon around. Niantic Labs have just updated Pokemon Go app for both Android as well as iOS. Users have reported that they can listen to external music or podcast while playing Pokemon go. It does not pause currently playing audio when you start hunting Pokemon. This update will allow users to listen to their favourite music while playing …

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How To Disable Google Play Services

As we know that, currently the Google is one of the largest search engines. For all the Android users, the Google is like a base. Because it has launched all the updates regarding the Android devices. Also of that, the Google Play Services is also a useful feature for all the Android smart devices. The Google Play Store is also a valuable tool for Android users. Besides that, there are so many functionalities has been launched by the Google like …

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How to Save Videos from Youtube 1

How to Save Youtube Videos on Android

There are many apps come as pre-installed apps in all the smartphone devices. The apps like Google, Youtube, Gmail and more. All the apps have their function to do. They all works very well as pre-installed apps in the devices. But, here we are going to be discussed on Youtube. In which, we will discuss that how to save Youtube videos or audios on Android smartphones and tablet devices. We know that the Youtube is an app which designed by Google. The …

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Samsung Galaxy S4 Not recognized by PC (all Galaxy S devices)

How to Fix Samsung Phones Not Showing up on PC

Android phone not showing up on PC? Most common issue when you connect your smartphone to your computer and your computer does not recognise it. This happens to Samsung Galaxy S4, S5 and other Galaxy s series smartphones. When you connect your phone to computer, your computer not recognising USB connection on the phone. But it shows charging indicator, and the phone starts getting charged. In this guide, we will discuss Samsung phone issue. As mostly this issue occurs with Samsung smartphones. …

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Best Smartphone Camera

Best Camera Phone in India – Phones With Good Cameras

Looking for Best Camera Phone in India? Do you know which phone has the best camera? Do check out this article to get the solution of your questions. As we know that, nowadays there are many of smartphone devices are launched each month and week. Most of the smartphone comes with so many features as well as specification. The features and specification such as RAM memory, camera, battery, operating system, internal memory storage, expandable memory storage, etc. The smartphone is a …

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turn off camera sound on ASUS Phones

How to Turn Off Camera Sound on ASUS Zenfones

We have discussed a lot about ASUS smartphones. The common thing of zenfone users was looking for which was turning off camera shutter sound. They have default option in their camera that says turn shutter sound, but actually, they don’t turn off sound. Here we have found a method that helps you to ask your phone not making a sound while you capture photos. Disable Camera Shutter Sound on Any Android Smartphones How to Turn Off Camera Shutter Sound on Samsung …

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Fix No SIM Card Error On Android Phone

Fix Samsung Galaxy S4 Sim Card Not Detected

If you are Samsung Galaxy S4 owner, you might have faced an issue with SIM card. When you insert SIM card to your phone, you will see no SIM card detected an error on your phone. Sometimes, you will notice not registered on network error on your phone.There is some reason behind this error, one of the biggest reason behind that is your SIM get relocated. Try re-inserting it again and check if this has fixed your issue. Read the …

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Uninstall System Apps - Hiding the Unwanted Apps

How to Uninstall Android Apps From Smartphone

Recently we have discussed installing external android apps on our smartphone. You can also use our tutorial on How to install apps from PC to smartphone. Well, if you want to remove or uninstall android apps from your device, you can use app manager to uninstall apps from your device quickly. You can review installed apps on your device, and quickly uninstall them by using following tips. If you don’t know How to Remove Apps that you don’t use often, you …

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