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How to Disable Sprint Family Locator

Last Updated On: July 14, 2017

We all love our family and that’s why we all-time worry about the family members when they are not together. So, at that time, to get to know the family members location, Sprint Family Locator app will help you. In which, you just have to set the phones of the family members. And, then it will show you the current location of the members whose phone has added. But, what to do when you want to disable the Sprint Family Locator. To do so, you just have to check out this discussion. At the end of it, you will surely get an answer to it. So, just have a look at the discussion and easily make disable the Sprint Family Locator.

How to Disable Sprint Family Locator?

There may be more than one solution to do so. While it’s not necessary that all of them will work. Here, we are also listing the best of two solutions for whatever we have discussed ago. You may use both of them to complete the task. Both the solutions are too easy to perform, and it will not consume too much of time. So, let’s check it out.

  • By Turning off the GPS or Location.
  • By Uninstalling Updates the Sprint Family Locator from the Settings.

How to Disable Sprint Family Locator

1.) By Turning off the GPS or Location:

To know the location of any person, the Location or GPS option is must be enabled. Even, to use the Google Maps, the Location is must enabled. If it does not, then even with the data connection, you will not be able to know the location. The same thing will also happen here in Sprint Family Locator. If the location is enabled on the member’s phone, then and then you can know their location.

So, to disable this Sprint Family Locator, one of the best ways is to turn off the GPS. Most of the time, it will do the job. You can try this easy trick to disable the Family Locator. If still, the issue is there, then the next solution will not make you feel sad.

2.) By Uninstalling Updates of the Sprint Family Locator from the Settings:

In this trick, you will have to follow some easy steps to make it disable. So, look at the steps and follow it on your device on which the Sprint Family Locator is existing.

  • Go to the Settings of the mobile by launching the Menu.
  • Then, go to the Apps.
  • Here, swipe the display right to left for four times and come to the All tab.
  • Find the Sprint Family Locator app and tap on it.
  • On the next display, tap on the Uninstall Updates and Force Stop options one-by-one.   

Try this steps on the device and you will surely get a satisfied answer. So, with the help of these two tricks, you can easily make disable the Sprint Family Locator.

We hope that you may get an answer for whatever we have discussed over here. If it helps you, then also share it with those who have this Sprint Family Locator.

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