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In this category, you will find how to guide about android. It’s ultimate guide for how to related tutorials for your smartphones and tablets.Find all how to related guide for your android smartphone. If you want to do something new with your smartphone or increasing smartphone’s performance and efficiency, this guide would help you.

How To Enable or Disable Subtitles on MX Player

Turn OFF Subtitles on MX Player

Whenever you play videos with subtitles on your MX Player on Android, you will be able to read other language subtitles on your playing movie. That helps for easy translation. Sometimes subtitles being annoying when you open any videos in your known language. You may feel those subtitles as forced ads on your videos and you want to get rid ... Read More »

How to Fix Facebook Crashing on Samsung Tablet

facebook crashes

Recently I have seen a question on Facebook regarding Why does Facebook keep crashing on my Samsung Galaxy 3 tablet?. The question was Samsung had some updates recently and ever since then (within the past 2 weeks), whenever I log into Facebook, it crashes within seconds and returns to my desktop. I’ve tried clearing the cache and uninstalling and reinstalling ... Read More »

How to Change Whatsapp Background

Whatsapp Chat Background

We all know Whatsapp Messenger is best instant messaging app for android smartphones and most of peoples would love to chat through Whatsapp. Whatsapp android app is replacing default messaging system with the passage of time. More and more peoples are using whatsapp and making their conversation through whatsapp. We recently disscussed about Whatsapp Tips in few articles, in this ... Read More »

How To Delete Picasa Photos From Samsung Galaxy S5

How To Delete Picasa Photos From Samsung Galaxy S5

Whenever you create or setup Google account with Android device, if your Google account is synced with your device and syncing Picasa web album is enabled, you might be able to see your Picasa photos on your device’s Gallery. If you want to Remove Picasa from Galaxy S5 device, here is the guide on how to Delete Picasa Photos From Samsung Galaxy S5 ... Read More »

Whatsapp – Backup & Restore Whatsapp Conversations

How to Save Whatsapp Conversation

We have talked about backup and restore Whatsapp messages from android smartphones before few weeks ago. On that post, so many users are asking about how to restore whatsapp conversations, my conversations on whatsapp deleted bymistake and what to do etc. If that guide on How to Restore Whatsapp Conversations was not useful for you, here is an update that ... Read More »

How to Backup Android SD Card to Dropbox

Dropbox Android SD Card

We all know Dropbox is the best cloud storage for smartphone users, when you buy new smartphones, smartphone companies like Samsung also give you 50GB of FREE online storage with Dropbox. Generally, when you sign up for dropbox, you will get 2GB of FREE cloud storage. if you are looking for backup android’s photo and videos, Google+ Auto backup is ... Read More »

How To Remove Pre Installed Android Apps from Micromax Smartphones

Disable Micromax Unwanted Apps

Whenever you purchase new smartphones, it comes with some interesting pre-installed apps on device, that you can use. Now some of the apps on the device that you even not want to open it and those consumes too much ROM and performance of your device. Hence your smartphone may perform slower than expected. Now if you can clean up or remove ... Read More »

HTC Backup for HTC One App – Best HTC Backup Solution

HTC Backup for HTC One App - Best HTC Backup Solution

If you are looking for backup of your smartphone, HTC has a great app for your HTC android smartphone. HTC Backup for HTC One allows you to backup and store your HTC phone’s app and settings on cloud.HTC Backup is the simplest and most convenient way to protect and preserve the unique HTC One experience you create for yourself. When you reset, ... Read More »

Solved – Whatsapp Image Sending Failed

whatsapp for pc free download

If you are whatsapp user, you may have seen some of low end device has facing the image uploading issue in Whatsapp. It is due to recent update, image uploading and image sending feature has been disabled for few of smartphone. We have observed few of android device getting error, that saying “sending failed, try again later” or failed to ... Read More »

How to Use Samsung Galaxy S5 Smart Remote

Use your Galaxy S5 as a TV remote

Do you own Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone? We have hottest Android phones in the market today and one of those is Samsung Galaxy S5. If you want us to describe this smartphone just in one word, then we can simply say EVOLUTION. Its features have evolved as well as enhanced when compared to its predecessors. It features an amazing display ... Read More »