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Solved – Whatsapp Image Sending Failed

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If you are whatsapp user, you may have seen some of low end device has facing the image uploading issue in Whatsapp. It is due to recent update, image uploading and image sending feature has been disabled for few of smartphone. We have observed few of android device getting error, that saying “sending failed, try again later” or failed to ... Read More »

How to Use Samsung Galaxy S5 Smart Remote

Use your Galaxy S5 as a TV remote

Do you own Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone? We have hottest Android phones in the market today and one of those is Samsung Galaxy S5. If you want us to describe this smartphone just in one word, then we can simply say EVOLUTION. Its features have evolved as well as enhanced when compared to its predecessors. It features an amazing display ... Read More »

How to Root Galaxy S3 Mini Smartphones

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Android Galaxy S3 Mini is an enhanced version of Galaxy S Smartphone, which was earlier launched, with the 4.1 version of the Android and after that, it was upgraded to 4.1.2 version of Android. The Jelly Bean version of Android offers so many enhanced features which include Page Buddy, new Notification Panel, new gallery app, Multi-view, Paper Artist app, constant ... Read More »

How to Disable Android Updates Notification – Rooted Android Tips | Android System Update Notification

How to Disable Android Updates Notification

You might have seen if you have rooted your smartphone device, it would check system updates manually and shows system notification on notification bar about update. This notification specifically appears if you have downgraded Android Firmware to lower version. It will stick to navigation bar and will annoy you.  Here we have found a little tip on the same, that will ... Read More »

How to Find Your Lost SmartPhone

Find My iPhone App - Find Lost Smartphones

Loosing cell phones has become a common scenario these days. People tend to leave their small screen gadget at changing rooms, cabs, book stalls, restaurants and so on. Cell phones are also stolen here and there. People who have knack for forgetting things can now be relieved as technology has upgraded much software that helps them in searching their lost ... Read More »