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Here we will write about best android tools that makes your rooting or usual task easier using those tools and accessories.

Download Adobe Flash Player for Android Device

Download Adobe Flash Player for Android Device

The Adobe Flash Player is a free software by which the content of Adobe platform can be enjoyed easily. The Adobe Flash Player was available at the Google Play Store up to 2012. But, from June 2012, it is not available in the Google Play Store to download. The Adobe has removed all the official version of Flash player from the Play Store. So, there are so many people who want to use the Adobe Flash Player. But, they can …

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Free Download Playstore – Google Play Store

Free Download Playstore

Want to Free Download Playstore ? Do you know Google play store is the best resource for downloading android apps. Check out more details about play sore here. Most of users of smartphone or tablet devices are wants to use many kind of applications in their devices. They are also used so many apps in smartphone devices from many of sources. But as we all know that the best source of downloading all the apps is Google Play Store. Mostly …

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APK File Editor – How to Edit apk Files

APK Editor for PC

We all know APK is an extension for android apps that is usually supported by most of the Android-based smartphones. Here in this article, we are going to discuss How to Edit apk Files and APK File Editor tool for you that help you to edit or modify apk files directly from your computer. In this article, we will show you how to edit any android apk file directly from your PC or laptop. Also, you can edit icon and …

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APK Editor – How to Edit APK Files on Android

How to extract, edit, and rezip apk files on Android

Hey guys, If you are Android application developer or learning android application development, you might probably looking for editing or modifying Android apps. You might also choose How to Edit an APK files & also when you first learnt how to decompile, modify then recompile .apks; it seems little tough that it’s looking. Here in this post, we would go to discuss editing APK files from Android using APK Editing Tool, that will help you to edit apk files or even modify APK files directly …

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Music Maniac – Free Music Downloader App For Android

mp3 music downloader app

Music Maniac is a Free Music Downloader App For Android smartphones and tablets. The Music Maniac android app allows you to access millions of mp3 songs with one click download feature. This android app allows you to search songs by album artist or by title. Music Maniac Android App How to download songs with MusicManiac Application Open Music Maniac Android application on your phone Now In this page, you can typo and search songs by Artist or by Title After complete searching, Choose …

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MobileGo for Android – Best Android Manager for PC

Wondershare MobileGo for Android- Android PC suits

Have you ever thought you can manage your android device through your computer? Well, if you are thinking about android PC suit or something like that like Best Android Manager for PC, we will recommend you MobileGo for android. we have tried to install MobileGo from our end and checked how well it performs. Hence we have try to enlist few of the interesting features and MobileGo for Android Review here in below post. It helps not only in capturing screenshot but We can …

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Best Covers for Samsung Galaxy S5 Smartphone

Case-Mate Brilliance Case

Samsung Galaxy S5 is a smartphone which excels in everything and is smartly refined as well as subtly improved too. This smartphone is superior super phone featuring latest Android offering Kitkat along with a bright display and quad-core processor. It has got amazing camera along with its own customized UI. Despite of its confusing fingerprint scanner, it is still the best smartphone featuring heart-rate monitor and costs above its top-rivals smartphones. Before talking about the best 5 Samsung Galaxy S5 …

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Android Device Not Reading micro SD Card? – Full Solution

Android device not reading Micro SD Card 0

As we know that, nowadays all the android based smart phone devices and tablet devices are comes with little or more internal memory storage space. It is become very helpful to us to saved all the images and video recordings, which has been captured by the camera of the device. Besides that, most of the smart phone as well as tablet devices are comes with a slot for an external micro SD card to store too many of precious and important …

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Fingerprint Scanner Not Working On Samsung Galaxy S5?

Method 3 to solving the problem of Fingerprint Scanner

As per we know that Nowadays, all the Android powered smart phone devices and tablet devices are comes with lots of features and many of sensors. All the features of the android devices works very well. But sometimes, due to some mistakes or some errors, some features of the devices works not right way. Most of the new users of android devices have faced this problem. Now, this article is related to the problem which is mentioned above. This article is …

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Android Device Not Starting Up? – Get Effective Solution

Method 3 to Starting Up Android Device

After the long time of purchasing any android powered or another OS powered Smartphone and Tablets, some problems are comes. The problem like low performance than more, battery backup, hang up etc. After some problems, your device will give very poor performance than more. So here, we will write this article on one of the most problem which is occurs in most of the android devices. This article is related to the Starting Up problem which is mostly occurs in smart …

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