6 Best Addictive Games for Android You Can’t Afford to Miss

Android phones are the entertainment-on-the-go. You can watch movies, videos or play music and games too. The versatility of the gadget encouraged app developers to come up with innumerable games like casinò online. Exciting apps make your smartphone into fun zone leaving you exasperated and exhausted.

If you are an ardent gamer and has a Android smartphone on your hand then why not try some of the best and addictive games that you just can’t afford to miss at all. We are delighted to bring you the top 6 Android games that would make you spellbound and asking for more.

Angry Birds Star Wars

Can anyone forget George Lucas’s wonderful imagination called ‘Star Wars’? It’s pretty hard to forget, right! Angry Birds which took the mobile gaming by storm has dawned new attire by infusing Star Wars’ storyline in this latest version.

Now, your Angry Bird character would wield a lightsaber and has gained the Force Push power, just like a Jedi. Professional gamers have expressed their admiration about the theme of Angry Birds Star Wars and one of them said that the idea to move from all-smash-go-lucky theme to a much complex and skill oriented theme has added an unexpected twist to the tale of Angry Birds.

Real Racing

Real racing with real people is the fun behind the popularity of this must-play Android game. The TSM (Time Shifted Multiplayer) technology empowers you to race against any one at any time in any place. You can play the game on smartphone or tablet. You have 50 cars to choose from the brands like Porsche, Lamborghini, Audi or Bugatti. In simple words, realistic race experience is what Real Racing offers you.

Cut The Rope

This game for the puzzle loves who want use the sharp side of their brain than wielding swords or casting spells. Google Play says that this game app has been downloaded 300 million times. That’s an amazing number. Coming to the game theme, it revolves around a tiny monster character called Om Nom that is crazy about eating candies and you have help the creature by cutting the ropes to which the candy is tied. This ‘think inside the box’ physics based game is a thorough entertainer with its simplicity.

Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour

This intensively action oriented game pumps your adrenaline with its thick game plot. As a member of a elite soldiers team you must protect the world leaders from a dangerous terror group and save the world from nuclear devastation. The real twist in this game is that you can become the bad boy if you wish.


“To be or not to be” is the world famous dilemma posed by Shakespeare’s Hamlet. But the Hamlet of this game does not leave you under any doubt but takes along with him into the deep fathoms of funny puzzle game.

Triple Town

Best game that must be played by the patient people. There could be many failures before you master the skills and get adept with strategies. It is worth trying for others as well as it could let you know how patient you are!

Clash of Clans Secrets

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